Indications / Contraindications / Side effects



In combination with a proximal sciatic nerve block, the femoral nerve block is indicated in all diagnostic and operative procedures on the lower extremities, also with expected application of a tourniquet at the thigh for up to one hour. In isolation, the femoral nerve block can be used for analgesia in fractures of the neck of the femur (and thus preparation for spinal conduction anaesthesia), for operations on the ventral, medial and lateral thigh (e.g. muscle biopsies) without the use of a tourniquet. This type of block is less well suited for complex surgical interventions on the knee, such as ligament reconstructions or TKA.



There are no specific contraindications for the femoral nerve block. The general contraindications that apply are listed at the end of this chapter.


Side effects/complications

There are no specific side effects of the femoral nerve block. The general side effects associated with this block are listed at the end of the chapter.