Ultrasound-guided anterior sciatic approach


Block technique

The patient lies supine; the leg to be blocked is slightly to the side and is rotated at the hip towards the outside.


Because the skin and nerve are usually relatively far apart, use of a low-frequency sector scanner is recommended here.

The transducer is applied above the adductor group and as close to the groin as possible. This muscle group, together with the medial parts of the quadriceps muscle and the femur, then provides the anatomic landmarks.

 anterior ischiadicus sono


The Technique

After identification of the anatomic landmarks and the sciatic nerve, puncture is carried out on the long axis from ventral to dorsal, avoiding the femoral vessels.


Sonoanatomic Landmarks

1 Femoral quadriceps muscle, 2 adductors, 3 femur, 4 sciatic nerve

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