Suprascapular nerve block (according to Meier)


SuprascapularisA very effective and easy-to-perform technique for the selective, complete anaesthesia of the suprascapular nerve where it emerges through the scapular notch on the floor of the supraspinous fossa. This nerve does not supply its own skin region, but innervates the infraspinatus / supraspinatus muscles and essential portions of the capsule and ligaments in the shoulder joint. This block is thus very well suited for conservative physiotherapeutic management of frozen shoulder syndromes or for analgesia secondary to shoulder surgery. We describe the technique according to Meier, which virtually eliminates the potential complication of pneumothorax.



Anatomical landmarks

Scapular spine



Block technique

The patient is seated, their head hanging forward; they place their hand of the side to be blocked on their contralateral shoulder. The scapula is thereby lifted up from the dorsal chest wall, making the spine of scapula easy to palpate. The medial and lateral edges of the spine are marked and the connecting line between the two points is halved. The puncture site is marked about 2 cm cranially and 2 cm laterally from this point.




Indications / Contraindications / Side effects



Pain and physiotherapy of frozen shoulder syndromes, analgesia after shoulder surgery, completion of an incomplete interscalene block



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Side effects/complications

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